Changing times require re-thinking - how can you stay cutting edge? Keep costs variable. Promote lean processes. Outsource anything that does not form part of the core competence. Have the latest technology at your disposal without having to buy it at high cost. Lugstein Laser Cutting Technology is a really good option for you towards gaining more freedom and a new mobility:
  • Top machinery of the latest design.
  • Competence gained from cutting and administering more than 1.5 million laser parts per year.
  • High flexibility and guaranteed just-in-time security.
  • Process and quality security from more than 60 years of experience in the cooperation with leading industrial companies in Europe.
  • Central location in the heart of Europe.

LUGSTEIN Cabs GmbH, Lengauer Hauptstraße 2, A-5211 Friedburg
Phone: +43(0)7746/2405, Fax. +43(0)7746/2405-8219
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